10 Benefits of Probiotics And Why You Need to Add Them to Your Diet

Sauerkraut are an excellent source of probiotics that help keep your digestive system healthy

10 Benefits of Probiotics And Why You Need to Add Them to Your Diet


Probiotics are live, “good” bacteria that are essential for a healthy digestive system. 

These good bacteria help break down food, extract nutrients, and fight off bad bacteria. 

Probiotics also contribute to a robust immune system, which is why they are often called “nature’s little soldiers.” 

Most people think of yogurt when they think of probiotics, but yogurt is just one of many foods that contain these helpful microorganisms. 

Fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles also contain probiotics. 

In addition, you can take probiotic supplements in capsule form.

If you are considering adding probiotics to your diet, here are the top 10 reasons why you should: 

#1. Aids your Digestion 

Do you suffer from digestive issues like bloating, gas, or constipation?

Probiotics could be the helpful solution you’ve been looking for. 

These live microorganisms help keep your gut flora healthy and improve your digestive function. 

When your gut flora is healthy, it can do its job correctly, including breaking down food and absorbing nutrients. 

In addition, healthy gut flora helps keep bad bacteria in check, leading to less digestive discomfort. 

If you’re suffering from digestive issues, try to eat some fermented foods or take a probiotic supplement daily. 

That’s why people in different culinary cultures have been eating fermented foods for centuries, for example, sauerkraut in Germany and kimchi in Korea. 

Although they have different ingredients and taste quite different, both are excellent sources of probiotics and help with digestion.

#2. Boosts your Immune System 

Did you know that 70% of your immune system is in your gut?

No? Neither did I.

Probiotics help keep your immune system strong. So, if your gut isn’t healthy, neither is your immune system. 

Probiotics can help by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast in your intestines, thus keeping your immune system strong. 

In Korea, people often eat kimchi to prevent colds and flu. 

People living in cold climates like Siberia and Scandinavia have been known to eat fermented foods like sauerkraut to boost their immune system during the long, cold winters.

#3. Helps with Weight Loss 

If you’re trying to lose weight, probiotics could give you a boost. 

That’s because these live microorganisms help you absorb nutrients from your food and ensures your digestive system is functioning correctly. 

In addition, probiotics have been shown to reduce inflammation and can assist in preventing weight gain. 

One of the best foods to eat for weight loss is yogurt. 

Just be sure to choose a yogurt that is low in sugar and high in protein. 

You can add some fruit to it if you like, but be sure to check the label to see how much sugar has been added, or else you might as well be eating candy.

#4. Balances your Yeast Levels 

If you’ve ever suffered from a yeast infection, you know how uncomfortable it can be. 

Yeast infection can be caused by an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in the body or by taking antibiotics, which kill both good and bad bacteria.

Probiotics can help by restoring the balance of good and bad bacteria in your body. 

This can help prevent yeast infections or reduce their severity, making them more manageable. 

Balanced yeast levels can also help with other issues like diaper rash, dandruff, and even bad breath.

#5. Reduces Allergies and Asthma Symptoms 

Do you suffer from allergies, hay fever, or even asthma?

Probiotics could be the helping fix you need to reduce your symptoms. 

That’s because these live microorganisms help balance the immune system, which can help lessen the severity of allergies and asthma.

In one study, children who took a probiotic supplement for six months significantly reduced their asthma and allergy symptoms compared to those who did not take a probiotic. 

#6. Improves Mental Health

Although probiotics have always been linked to digestive health, more and more research shows that these live microorganisms can also improve mental health. 

In fact, probiotics have been shown to help reduce anxiety and depression. 

That’s because the live microorganisms in probiotics produce short-chain fatty acids that have an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain.

Eating probiotic-rich foods or taking a probiotic supplement gives your brain a boost of good bacteria, which will help improve your mood and mental health. 

So, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, probiotics could be a helpful addition to your treatment plan.

#7. Lowers Cholesterol Levels 

If you have high cholesterol, probiotics could help lower your levels by helping break down bile in the gut, which can help reduce cholesterol levels.

In addition, probiotics have been shown to reduce inflammation, which can also help lower cholesterol levels. 

In other words, probiotics can help keep your heart healthy in more ways than one. 

#8. Prevents UTIs 

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are relatively common, especially in women. 

In fact, about 50% of women will experience a UTI at some point in their lives. 

While there are many things, you can do to prevent UTIs, such as urinating after sex and drinking cranberry juice, taking probiotics can also help.

Probiotics can help prevent UTIs by keeping the bladder and urinary tract free of harmful bacteria.

 In one study, women who took a probiotic supplement were less likely to experience a UTI than those who didn’t take a supplement. 

#9. Improves Skin Health 

Probiotics can also help improve your skin health by reducing inflammation and keeping the skin free of harmful bacteria. 

In addition, probiotics have been shown to boost collagen production, which can help keep your skin looking young and healthy. 

If you suffer from acne, eczema, or other skin conditions, probiotics could be a helpful addition to your skincare routine. 

That’s also the reason why many facial beauty products contain probiotics in their ingredient list as a way to improve skin health.

#10. Helps Fight Cancer

Probiotics have been shown to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells and tumor formation. 

They may also help improve chemotherapy side effects like nausea and diarrhea. 

Probiotics can also help boost the immune system, which can help the body fight cancer and other diseases.

While more research is needed, the preliminary evidence shows that probiotics could be a helpful addition to cancer treatment. 

Of course, it shouldn’t be considered a standalone treatment but rather a complement to conventional treatments like chemotherapy.


Probiotics are live microorganisms that can offer various health benefits when consumed in adequate amounts. 

Adding probiotics to your diet offers a host of potential health benefits, including:

  1. Improved digestion
  2. Boosted immunity
  3. Helps you lose weight 
  4. Promotes balanced yeast levels
  5. Reduces allergy symptoms
  6. Helps boost mental health
  7. Lowers cholesterol
  8. Prevents UTIs
  9. Improved skin health
  10. Helps fight cancer

While more research is needed to confirm some of the potential probiotic benefits, there is no doubt that these live microorganisms can benefit your overall health.

If you suffer from any of the conditions listed above—or even if you don’t—it may be worth giving them a try! 

Be sure to talk to your doctor before making any dietary changes or taking new supplements.

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